Lena Archuleta

Elementary School


Collaborative School Committee (CSC)

The Collaborative School Committee (CSC) is a group of parents, teachers, classified staff and community members who work collaboratively with the principal to improve student achievement. Parents and staff are invited to attend these meetings.


Collaborative School Committee


Present: Yolanda Ortega, Karen Matson, Amy Golden, Amy Grossinger, Michelle Aranda

Call for Parent Members

  • Principal has made attempts to recruit parent members for CSC via social media and newsletter.
  • Currently, no parents have expressed interest in joining CSC.
  • Principal will continue to try to recruit parents. Interested parents can contact Yolanda Ortega.

CSC Role for 19-20 School Year

  • CSC members will serve as an advisory cabinet for provide and feedback and input to school/system decisions.
  • By laws: Principal will draft by-laws prior to our next meeting and CSC committee will come to agreements on those at the next meeting.


  • Projections for 19-20 school year was 500 students.
  • Today was last day for fall adjustment.
  • We are down 5 students. Financial impact is $24,225, we will have to pay this back from our budget.
  • We did not fill one general ed para position at the beginning of this year (after receiving resignation from one of our paras in August).
  • Options: 1. We do not have to post the vacant general ed para position.   We can fill the para position and give back $25,000 from our general budget.
  • We have $55,097 in carry forward.
  • The 3 additional days of social work time that Archuleta has been given is not coming out of our budget. The district is funding this.
  • We have posted an AN para position that is open. This is being funded through district AN funds.
  • Teachers on the committee are in agreement to advise that we not fill the vacant general ed para. Principal agrees we will reduce a 1.0 para position (the position that was formerly filled by the para who resigned.  This will not affect any current para jobs).