Academic Programs

Two students writing in class

All Students Achieve At Archuleta

Every student deserves a quality, well-rounded education, and at Archuleta students receive it in a variety of ways with an emphasis in literacy, math, science and the arts. We support students in an environment of high expectations for student achievement and positive behavior. We value and nurture the diversity of culture and language that our students bring. Teachers emphasize the importance of learning in a supportive, safe community by providing character education and implementing policies designed to support positive behavior and prevent bullying. Students are held to a high expectation for learning and behavior, to ensure our emphasis on learning is our priority. Our community is a PBIS and mindfulness community. We believe that children who are in a kind learning environment, with high expectations for behavior and learning, thrive. We need parents to also reinforce the message that kindness and working to their highest potential is essential each day. 

School Programs

Where we pride ourselves in having some of the highest instructional systems in the Far Northeast and the District, we also take pride in the extension learning opportunities for students at Archuleta.

Programs Offered