Transitional Native Language Instruction (TNLI)

Student posing in class

Bilingual TNLI 

Lena Archuleta Elementary offers a bilingual program especially designed for students that speak Spanish, called TNLI (Transitional Native Language Instruction). In this TNLI program, subjects are taught in both Spanish and English. As students progress through the program, the amount of English instruction gradually increases as they progress through the grades. As your child learns more English, the amount of instruction in Spanish decreases. In addition, students receive a daily class period dedicated to building a strong foundation in learning how to listen, read, speak and write in English, called English Language Development (ELD). The goal of the bilingual TNLI program is to help your student learn English while developing literacy and content skills in Spanish at the same time, leading to proficiency in both languages.Teachers in TNLI programs have been specially trained to help students learn English while they learn other subjects, and are proficient in Spanish.