Enrichment Opportunities

Student posing in class wearing headphones and using a laptop

Library Media Center

The Archuleta Library Media Center gives the school community access to a variety of information and materials while fostering a learning environment that emphasizes academic achievement, information literacy, collaboration, and a love of learning.

The focus of the Archuleta library is to provide a research and study center for the entire Archuleta Elementary community. Students in grades 1st-5th visit the library at regular intervals to work on library and research skills as well as gain exposure to literature. The students have the opportunity to check out books on a regular basis in a warm and welcoming environment.

Technology Integration Program

Archuleta Elementary students are held to high learning expectations by all staff. Through technology, students are provided with opportunities to improve their 21st Century Skills by following an inquiry-based process in seeking knowledge in curricular subjects and making real-world connections for using this process. In addition, students are encouraged to collaborate with one another and are expected to use information and technology ethically and responsibly.

Peer Mentor Program

Archuleta’s peer mentoring program is an opportunity to provide leadership skill development and service-learning opportunities to a group of fourth and fifth-grade students. Students who are selected to join this program are paired with younger students who they will support academically and/or socially throughout the year. Bi-monthly meetings focused on bullying prevention, character education, and leadership ensure that our mentors have the skills needed to provide mentorship to younger children as well as act as role models for students throughout the building. By serving in this capacity, our mentors learn the value of service within the Archuleta school community and beyond. As a capstone project each year, they partner with a local organization in order to expand the scope of their service into the greater Denver community. Examples of past service-learning projects include volunteering at a local homeless shelter, fundraising for the Dumb Friends League, and environmental work with Rocky Mountain Arsenal.


At Archuleta Elementary, our students are held to high learning expectations. Archuleta’s arts program supports higher-level thinking across the curriculum. Through the arts, students are provided with opportunities to engage in creative and cultural educational activities. Our parents and community requested that the funds from the Arts Mill Levy be directed toward classroom instruction in music and visual art primarily, with dance and drama as supplementary activities. These classes and activities support national, state and district arts standards as well as Archuleta’s School Improvement Plan. Our hope is that students find education through the arts meaningful and enjoyable, and that these experiences become part of their life-long learning.

Art Classes Offered

Extracurricular Arts Programs Offered