Lena Archuleta

Elementary School


Dropping Off/Picking Up Your Student

Safety is very important at our school. Please adhere to the proper drop off and pick up locations and use the provided cross walks when dropping off or picking up your student.


If it is unsafe for students, staff, and visitors to remain inside the building they will evacuate to designated evacuation locations on campus or off-site. The most common evacuation is a fire drill.

  • All students and staff will exit the school and go to designated locations.
  • Everyone will remain outside until the “all clear” message is given.
  • If students and staff need to leave school grounds, we will walk or go by bus to our designated off-site emergency evacuation locations
  • Students will be released to parents or guardians who are listed on the emergency card and have proper I.D.

There are two off-site emergency evacuation locations for Archuleta Elementary:

Collegiate Prep Academy – Noel Campus
5290 Kittredge Street Denver, CO  80239

Montbello Recreation Center
15555 East 53rd Ave.
Denver, CO  80239